Perfigo Launches SecureSmart WLAN Security Suite
by Berislav Kucan - Wednesday, 30 April 2003
San Francisco based company Perfigo, Inc., announced the general availability of their SecureSmart WLAN suite. This suite of products is designed to securely integrate 802.11 WLANs into the existing network infrastructure, providing hardened WLAN security, as well as complete WLAN user and device management.

Arvin Babu, Perfigo's CEO noted: "Perfigo prides itself on innovation in WLAN security and management. Where SecureSmart is designed to solve a very complex set of technical issues surrounding WLAN installations, the company's back-to-basics approach helps ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction."

These are the three components of the Perfigo's SecureSmart suite:
  • SecureSmart Server - the gatekeeper between the wireless network and the rest of the network. It ensures that only authenticated and authorized traffic is allowed to flow from the wireless network to the intranet or Internet. SecureSmart Server also ensures the strongest data protection standards through the use of IPSec with 3DES encryption.
  • SmartManager - provides a centralized, single point of management for the entire WLAN and SecureSmart deployment. SecureSmart Manager manages both hardware (multi-vendor access points, SecureSmart Servers and remote client updates), as well as WLAN security (access control policies, rogue AP management) through a secure web console.
  • SecureSmart Client - an optional software package that may be installed onto user laptops, making authentication, network/AP detection, encryption setup and rogue reporting easy and automatic.


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