Sygate Announces Sygate Secure Enterprise 3.5
by Berislav Kucan - Wednesday, 20 August 2003.
The latest version of Sygate's enterprise solution includes strategic enhancements that enable Sygate agents to automatically and cost-effectively enforce corporate security policies on both internal and external endpoints.

"Our customer response to SSE 3.5 has been overwhelming. The ability to enforce both internal and external endpoints provides them with a new way of approaching endpoint protection that addresses previously unsolved security challenges in a highly effective manner," said John DeSantis, CEO, Sygate.

Key upgrade to the latest Sygate Secure Enterprise include:

Sygate Security Agent Endpoint Enforcement

Sygate Security Agent can automatically enforce policy compliance at a configurable interval. If the endpoint is non-compliant, the Sygate Security Agent can block access by switching to a quarantine location and then initiating the appropriate restoration action. The ability to enforce policies on all endpoints assures an enterprise is 100% policy compliant thereby delivering the best endpoint security protection.

Policy Arbitration

Administrators can customize the level of control a particular user has over the Sygate Security Agent policy while retaining a base enterprise security policy. Power users can be given limited control over policy on their endpoint, yet restricted from creating a policy that overrides the enterprise policy.

Enhanced Adaptive Protection

Enhanced Adaptive Protection enables administrators to more accurately apply policies based on the threats and vulnerabilities of specific network environments and connection methods. Location policies can now be triggered based upon DNS IP, WINS IP, DHCP IP or MAC, Gateway IP or MAC, VPN connection status, and dial-up networking status. Enhanced Adaptive Protection helps ensure that users connecting to the network from unknown locations do not compromise the integrity of the network.

Automated Remediation

Host Integrity Remediation automates the process of bringing endpoints into compliance with enterprise security policy. When endpoints are non-compliant with security policies, Sygate Security Agent can automatically initiate a remediation action, such as download and install a software patch or update, execute command line instructions, turn applications or OS features on or off, thereby returning the endpoint to policy compliance. Automated Remediation ensures the productivity of employees while reducing IT costs

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Sygate Management Server's enhanced reporting options include 22 report templates, integration with Crystal Reports, and the ability to print and save reports in HTML, DOC, RTF, or XLS format. These options offer administrators more flexibility to structure reports in a way that best suits their needs.

Sygate Secure Enterprise 3.5 is available immediately. Quantity one pricing ranges from $15 to $70 per seat depending upon the functionality required. Sygate notes that volume discounts apply. More information can be read from the product homepage.


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