Password Management with PasswordSafe
by William Lynch - Senior Consultant for CTG's Information Security Services Practice - Monday, 10 January 2005.
Now would be a good time to save the database, by choosing .Save As. from the File menu. Once, the file has been saved, the title bar will show the filename instead of "".

Using PasswordSafe

Using PasswordSafe is just as easy as it was to enter the sample password. To use the entry, right-click on it and choose "Copy Username to Clipboard".

After pasting the username into website, you can double-click on the entry to speed-copy the password to the windows clipboard. Paste the password into the website and login as usual.

After a period of inactivity PasswordSafe will require the re-entry of the safe.s combination.

As more and more passwords are added to password safe, it becomes desirable to switch to "Nested Tree View" from the View menu. This changes the default display to the following:

Entries are developed into trees corresponding to the entry's "group" field.

Changing Passwords with PasswordSafe

To change the password for a given entry, right-click on the entry and choose "Edit/View Entry". The entry will then become available.

Click on "Show Password" and then "Generate" to generate a new password.

Once the password has been changed within password safe, don.t forget to update the password for the actual website or system with the new password!

There are a few other more advanced features of PasswordSafe that haven't been covered here, but are adequately discussed in PasswordSafe's help file. This introduction to PasswordSafe covers the basics enough to get started using it for password management. Here's to never again forgetting a password!


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