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Trust in the U.S. cloud on the decline
Perspecsys revealed a continental cloud divide between the U.S. and Europe. 51% of respondents even claimed that they do not fully trust U.S.-based clouds.

Stop all browser-borne malware from entering your network
Branden Spikes, CEO, CTO & Founder of Spikes Security, talks about AirGap web security solution, a specialized, hardened browser is deployed on a server outside the firewall.

Half of security pros fail to secure data
Research conducted at Infosecurity Europe 2014 has revealed that 50% of security professionals do not secure data on portable storage devices such as USBs and external hard drives.

Essential steps for implementing Data Loss Prevention
Raul Condea from CoSoSys talks about essential steps to take when implementing DLP. When looking at DLP, always consider operating systems, computers, mobile devices, user experience and last but not least, deployment.

The importance of continuous monitoring
Corey Bodzin, VP of Product Management at Qualys, discusses the need for continuous monitoring of the growing perimeter and the new QualysGuard Continuous Monitoring solution.

Top 4 strategies to mitigate cyber intrusions
The Council on CyberSecurity has found that 85% of cyber attack techniques can be prevented by implementing the Top 4 controls. Wolfgang Kandek, CTO at Qualys, talks about these security controls.

Are rogue employees the biggest threat to information security?
Despite taking measures to combat the risks, 37% of businesses still see employees as biggest threat to information security, ranking the insider threat, higher than cyber-attacks (19%) and BYOD (15%).

Warbiking tour reveals dismal state of wireless security
James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, talks about how he took his computer-equipped bicycle onto the streets of several cities to test how safe homes, businesses, and even people on mobiles phones are from cyber criminals.

Responding to data breaches and increasing security
In this podcast, recorded at Infosecurity Europe 2014, Josie Herbert interviews Craig Carpenter, the Chief Cybersecurity Strategist for AccessData. Carpenter tackles the issues surrounding data breaches, incident response and BYOD.

Video: Infosecurity Europe 2014 showcase
Here's a video overview of Infosecurity Europe 2014 featuring a walk through the expo floor.

Making the web a safe place to visit
Branden Spikes, CEO, CTO & Founder of Spikes Security, talks about making the web a safe place to visit with the use of isolation technology for preventing malicious content from infecting endpoints.

The Heartbleed effect
Ivan Ristic, Director of Engineering at Qualys, talks about the Heartbleed bug and its impact on the security industry. He tackles open source as well as the amazing patch rate.

Mobile phone security transformed with 4 new encryption apps
A British company has launched a new range of mobile phone apps that provide the last word in encryption security for incoming and outgoing voice and data calls.

Sales drop as corporate data breaches rise
Financial and banking institutions, healthcare providers and retailers stand to have significantly increased expenses and lose up to one-third of its customer/patient base after a data breach.

ManageEngine fortifies enterprise security log analytics
EventLog Analyzer, the security information and event management (SIEM) software, now offers complete user audit trails as well as the real-time event correlation and ISO 27001 reporting previously available in beta.

IT sec pros surprisingly cavalier about mobile security best practices
A flash poll conducted at Infosecurity Europe 2014 by Centrify Corporation has found that 94 per cent of IT security professionals use third party applications on their mobile devices for work, with 82 per cent using up to 10 apps.

CSA releases Software Defined Perimeter 1.0
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the release of two key documents related to the CSA's Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), an initiative to create the next generation network security architecture.

London warbiking reveals worrying state of Wi-Fi security
Sophos highlighted the bad state of Wi-Fi security in London, when it sent security expert James Lyne and his computer-equipped bicycle onto the streets to test how safe homes, businesses, and people on mobiles phones are from cyber criminals.

Security analytics solution identifies attacks in historic data
Arbor Networks is showcasing its Pravail Security Analytics, whose unique looping capability can be used to identify and establish an attack timeline for the recently disclosed and much discussed Heartbleed attacks.

The devastating effect of core systems downtime on business
Beyond the obvious loss of employee productivity, IT executives shared the costly and widespread ramifications of downtime on their businesses.

Sophos Cloud manages Windows, Mac and mobile devices
Sophos announced the latest version of Sophos Cloud, the companyís cloud-based solution for small- and mid-sized organisations seeking a simpler approach to IT security that still provides world-class protection.

The importance of visibility for todayís complex networks
The complexity of modern enterprise networks is increasing due to a number of factors, and deeper levels of network visibility are necessary to aid in their management and troubleshooting.

63% of orgs believe they canít stop data theft
A new survey of nearly 5,000 global IT security professionals reveals a deficit in enterprise security systems, a disconnect in how confidential data is valued and limited visibility into cybercriminal activity.

University brings infosec courses to London
The University of South Wales is to open a Centre in the heart of Londonís Docklands financial district where it will deliver a range of professional level courses in information and cyber security.

Most enterprises use cloud storage, but don't trust it completely
A global survey of 912 businesses reveals that although 83 percent of businesses surveyed back up some part of their data to the cloud, there is a strong reluctance to embrace the medium fully.

300% growth in enterprise attacks across UK and Ireland
Detailing malicious activities captured by the FireEye Security Platform throughout 2013, the report found that an average of over 70 new infections occurred within enterprises every day.

Airbus Group debuts SCADA research project to mitigate ICS vulnerabilities
details of a £1.2M SCADA research project will be disclosed, which is aiming to understand and mitigate the vulnerabilities in the industrial control systems that drive Critical National Infrastructures.

Fortinet unveils FortiOS 5.2 to fight APTs
This release incorporates numerous innovations that strengthen Fortinetís Advanced Threat Protection Framework, providing enterprises with a cohesive and coordinated way to combat APTs, zero-day attacks and other malware.

A hybrid approach to web app security assessment
ImmuniWeb security assessment is the first hybrid service that combines automated vulnerability scanning and manual penetration testing to allow companies to conduct an efficient website security review and ensure that a website or web apps are secure.

Only 1% of Q1 data breaches were "secure breaches"
Of the 254 data breaches that occurred during the first quarter of 2014, only 1 percent were "secure breaches," i.e. breaches where strong encryption, key management, or authentication solutions protected the data from being used.

Defacement mitigator for cybersecurity protection
Foresight released Defacement Mitigator, the first cloud-based web security solution that provides full defacement mitigation and protection to government, academic, religious, financial services, and other organizations targeted by cyber hacktivists.

Cyber intelligence services reveal sensitive data firms are leaking online
Cyber intelligence company Digital Shadows has launched SearchLight Ė a suite of managed cyber intelligence services designed to reveal sensitive data companies are leaking online and which hostile groups are targeting them.

Spike in DDoS attack size driven by NTP misuse
The beginning of 2014 saw 1.5 times the number of attacks over 20GB/sec, compared to the rest of 2013, according to new stats released by Arbor Networks .

Widespread uncertainty about cloud security
More and more organizations are transferring sensitive or confidential information to public cloud services even though more than a third expect a negative impact on security posture. In response, the use of encryption is increasing.

Data encryption for secure communications
IGUANAGreen is a commercial encryption solution designed to encrypt and protect sensitive data at the highest level, enabling secure communications across public IP networks.

CoSoSys updates Endpoint Protector 4
CoSoSys updated the Endpoint Protector 4 platform, which provides IT administrators with improved Content Aware Protection policies on the management side, as well as the reporting side.

Code analysis and app security testing simplified
Quotium announced the release of Seeker Enterprise 3.0, a run-time code & data analysis application security testing solution for the software development life-cycle.

Europe's most significant information security event
Joy-Fleur Brettschneider, Group Marketing Manager at Reed Exhibitions - Infosecurity Group, talks about Infosecurity Europe, the biggest European IT security event.

Security pros and government failing to collaborate
A new report reveals that more effective collaboration between government and the information security industry is crucial to protecting organizations from cyber threats.

Insight, innovation and inspiration at Infosecurity Europe
Infosecurity Europe is committed to address international information security challenges and promotes the necessity to adapt to cultural singularities.

Network, engage and do business at Infosecurity Europe
From the New Exhibitor zone to the Country Pavilions, discover the latest products and solutions of the local and international scene.

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