Alert Logic releases new log manager
Posted on 20 February 2013.
Alert Logic announced a new release of Log Manager which enables real-time security monitoring of critical security logs. By combining correlation with on-the-fly parsing of logs, Log Manager can alert users of security issues, in many cases in advance of a breach.

Built on a third-generation big data processing grid, the new Log Manager allows users to manage log data from all of their infrastructure Ė including environments inside enterprise data centers all the way through fully elastic public clouds Ė in a single console. In addition, Log Manager now provides users the ability to query their data by using a simple query builder, rather than requiring them to learn a specialized or cryptic query language.

"The release of the new Log Manager is a game changer," said David Emerson , IT security and operations manager with Liquidity Services, a beta user of the service. "The new Log Manager provides a unified view into our log data from across our IT environment. The new agent-only collection option makes it easy to collect logs from remote locations that do not link to our network and from critical systems, which, for security reasons, have been isolated from the network."

With rapid service activation, the new Log Manager accommodates the full spectrum of potential deployment options, including physical, virtual or agent-only deployments. This flexibility makes Log Manager the ideal solution to integrate into product portfolios of cloud, hosting and managed service providers of all stripes.

"Cloud environments can be unforgiving to poorly designed solutions. Changing network topology, network IP addresses, auto-scaling of infrastructure and huge variations in log volume rapidly expose the weaknesses of legacy software systems," said Dave Colesante, senior vice president of product development and CTO with Alert Logic. "The new Log Manager was architected to accommodate these unique challenges while keeping a simple user experience for searching and analyzing the ever-increasing volume of log data."

Log Manager is a proven security and compliance solution that provides on-demand log collection, storage, reporting and correlation. More than 1,000 customers use Log Manager to identify and respond to security events and to comply with standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other requirements. Alert Logic currently manages several petabytes of real-time searchable log data.


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