DataMotion releases email encryption service
Posted on 11 March 2013.
DataMotion announced SecureMail Automation, an email encryption service that automates secure digital message distribution for a range of business applications that send large volumes of sensitive communications such as email notices, monthly statements, patient information and document delivery.

Securing sensitive email is required to comply with regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, and PCI.

SecureMail Automation connects an automated email application with the DataMotion Platform through an encrypted pathway. DataMotion encrypts and delivers the messages, tracking and logging when and where each message was opened by the intended recipient, including their IP address, email address and timestamp. This level of visibility enables easy auditing and service level agreement (SLA) validation for any organization sending invoices, account statements or other customized notices.

SecureMail Automation is already delivering major cost and operational benefits to customers in areas that deal with sensitive information, including the following:

Government: A large agency annually sends several million report documents pertaining to background checks. By switching to SecureMail Automation, the agency has dramatically cut their overnight shipping costs, while better protecting sensitive information.

Finance: A financial organization regularly sends activity statements out to their customers. SecureMail Automation enables them to do this digitally, saving on paper and postage, while introducing the convenience and privacy their customers were demanding.

Healthcare: When field reps for a medical device manufacturer complete an order, their fulfillment system sends multiple copies to internal billing and fulfillment groups. SecureMail Automation replaced fax delivery, which was much more expensive and far less secure. The tracking capabilities also simplify the fulfillment process, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other industry regulations.


Intentional backdoors in iOS devices uncovered

Posted on 22 July 2014.  |  A researcher has revealed that Apple has equipped its mobile iOS with several undocumented features that can be used by attackers and law enforcement to access the sensitive data contained on the devices running it.

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