Route1 releases MobiKEY for iPad
Posted on 03 April 2013.
Route1 released MobiKEY technology for the iPad. MobiKEY is a complete desktop, secure remote access technology that integrates multi-factor authentication and identity management in a mobile computing environment.

MobiKEY subscribers will now be able to use MobiKEY on an Apple iPad running iOS 5 and higher. The MobiKEY technology includes the use of both Route1ís universal identity management and service delivery platform and MobiKEY application software.

  • Offers users exactly the same access remotely that they have at their office
  • Compatible with iOS, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Cross domain technology, Host Assets can be on any domain or network
  • Requires no administrator privileges on the Remote asset
  • No end-point security required
  • Enterprise registration and deployment tools available
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Fully integrates with virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Connection history details for auditing and reporting purposes
  • Bandwidth efficient - 20 kbps average bandwidth usage per connected user.
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • 1024 to 4096-bit asymmetric keys
  • TLS 1.1
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • RSA SHA-1 and SHA-2 signing algorithms
  • All files stay within the network
  • Route1 has no ability to see into the userís data session
  • PKI based technology Ė access and authorization management
  • Malware resistant Ė immune to zero day threats
  • The Remote asset does not become a node on the enterprise network.


How to talk infosec with kids

Posted on 17 September 2014.  |  It's never too early to talk infosec with kids: you simply need the right story. In fact, as cyber professionals itís our duty to teach ALL the kids in our life about technology. If we are to make an impact, we must remember that children needed to be taught about technology on their terms.

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