Automated password management for privileged accounts
Posted on 13 June 2013.
BeyondTrust announced the release of PowerBroker Password Safe, including integration with Retina CS, the company’s vulnerability management platform.

PowerBroker Password Safe is an automated password management solution for access control and auditing over any privileged account, such as shared administrative accounts, application accounts and local administrative accounts.

Designed to be flexible to any enterprises IT environment, it is available as a hardened appliance or virtual software solution. There is no direct access to the sealed operating system, and it employs commercially supported FIPS 140-2 validated components for all encryption over passwords to critical data. The solution also offers complete device support for any operating system, account, or device via SSH/Telnet.

The solution provides lightweight, robust client libraries enabling existing and new application programs or scripts to securely retrieve current credentials from PowerBroker Password Safe instead of hard-coding the credentials inside of a program. By protecting passwords and the management of access to such accounts, the solution eliminates intentional, accidental and indirect misuse of privileges and ensures compliance with industry or government mandates.

New features include:
  • Password Connector
  • Password Safe Role Based Access
    • Requestor, Approver, Information Security Administrator (ISA), Auditor
    • User group assignments per smart rule
  • Password Safe systems automatically added as managed assets
  • Smart rule filters for managed systems in PowerBroker Password Safe
  • New HTML pages that perform password requests and approvals.
Retina CS is the centerpiece of the BeyondTrust vision of Context-Aware Security Intelligence which helps organizations answer the most pressing questions in security – what to fix first, what to fix next and why. Retina CS does this through security intelligence and analytics for the entire IT landscape – servers, desktops, as well as mobile and virtual assets and those which reside in the cloud.

A free 30 day trial of PowerBroker Password Safe is available.


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