Secure rugged Android tablet for the government
Posted on 15 August 2013.
Becrypt announced a new technology partnership with Getac to provide the first secure Android tablet solution suitable for military, defence and government and wider public sector markets based on Getac’s ruggedized devices.

The platform based on Android 4.1, is delivered on a fully rugged Getac tablet with enhanced security features, and will provide a more secure system from which to support a wide range of bespoke applications that government, military and defense markets can use with confidence.

Peter Molyneux, President of Getac UK said: “Our Android rugged tablets coupled with Becrypt’s industry-leading security capabilities offer a powerful solution to the market. Becrypt takes an innovative approach to solving security challenges to provide accredited yet flexible solutions. Together, our customers in the government, military, defense and public sectors can trust us to deliver the highest levels of security, coupled with reliable, rugged technology, to protect their confidential and sensitive data and drive productivity and performance.”

Becrypt is collaborating with Getac to provide security platforms for both Android and Windows 8 tablets (Becrypt already has a CESG accredited solution for Windows 8 tablets), including device encryption, system hardening, peripheral control and centralized management which significantly improves ability to control devices, enforce security policies, and provide audit trails and reporting while reducing support and maintenance overheads.

Dr Bernard Parsons, CEO at Becrypt, said: “Tablet adoption is growing in security-conscious markets and we are proud to work with Getac to develop innovative yet practical solutions that protect data on a variety of form factors, for today and for the future. Our future-ready strategy focuses on remote deployment and centralized management of devices to deliver the same high performance and reliability that customers have come to expect of their laptops, with the added bonus of increased security and portability made possible by the latest mobile technology.”


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