TRUSTe launches new privacy assessments
Posted on 21 July 2014.
TRUSTe expanded its Data Privacy Management Platform to include TRUSTed Assessments, a new privacy assessment solution which addresses the need for specialized tools to evaluate data risk.

TRUSTed Assessments follows a comprehensive and proven multi-step process to help an organization address applicable privacy regulatory and industry standards, as well as their own internal policies. It shares several steps common to TRUSTe Privacy Certifications, but can analyze compliance against a broader set of regulatory and internal requirements as well as deliver additional features such as data mapping and risk analysis.

Key features include:
  • Custom Engagement Scoping
  • Data Collection and Discovery
  • Digital Property Scanning & Analysis
  • Data Mapping
  • Privacy Findings Report & Gap Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Recommendations & Ongoing Guidance.
Examples of specific use cases for TRUSTed Assessments include two fast growing market needs:

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) focus on assessing a particular product, program or mobile app, to identify and minimize privacy risks. Depending on the specific scope of the project, deliverables may include a map describing the data lifecycle and initial drafts of key policy documents (such as internal privacy guidelines and an external privacy policy), including recommended contractual considerations for vendors/partners, and other relevant documents.

EU Safe Harbor for HR Data Assessments prepares companies to verify compliance with the US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. TRUSTe helps identify relevant employee data flows, assess policies and practices against the framework, and analyzes any issues concerning vendors and service providers such as payroll and benefits services. Armed with our gap analysis and remediation recommendations, TRUSTe can assist in the development of polices, training programs, and help you prepare for the self-certification process with the U.S. Department of Commerce.


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