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  • WikiLeaks founder loses extradition appeal


    Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange has lost another appeal to the February decision by a UK court that he should be extradited to Sweden in order to face possible charges of sexual assault and rape.

  • How the unredacted US cables were revealed to the public


    It seems that the cat is out of the box. Only a few days after former WikiLeaks staffer Herbert Snorrason refused to say who inadvertently made public the password for the encrypted file containing unredacted US diplomatic cables, some people managed to piece together the various hints dropped by involved parties and track down where it has been published.

  • Unredacted US diplomatic cables inadvertently leaked


    Daniel Domscheit-Berg's rationale behind his destruction of some 3,500+ unpublished files was that he had done it because Julian Assange and WikiLeaks could not guarantee the safe handling of the documents and the protection of their sources.

  • Domscheit-Berg says WikiLeaks is lying, new batch of cables released


    Following WikiLeaks claim that among the 3,500+ unpublished files destroyed by former WikiLeaks member Daniel Domscheit-Berg were a number of highly sensitive documents including five GB of Bank of America documents, the US no-fly list and US intercept arrangements for over a hundred Internet companies, Domscheit-Berg wrote to Wired in order to point out that WikiLeaks is lying about the contents of the deleted files.

  • WikiLeaks defector destroyed 3,500+ unpublished files


    It seems that the long awaited WikiLeaks leak containing documents regarding Bank of America will not be happening in the near or possibly not in any kind of future, since the documents were part of a batch taken by former WikiLeaks member Daniel Domscheit-Berg when he left and have now - by his own admission - been irrevocably destroyed.


Pen-testing drone searches for unsecured devices

You're sitting in an office, and you send a print job to the main office printer. You see or hear a drone flying outside your window. Next thing you know, the printer buzzes to life and, after spitting out your print job, it continues to work and presents you with more filled pages than you expected.

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